Project Proposal

Posted: April 9, 2014 in CPD

Aim of the project:

  • Challenge the everyday
  • The interaction and displacement of time and space
  • Natural vs artificial interaction



The inspiration for our website & modified pictures came from Ben Highmore’s article –Questioning Everyday Life. When we look at everyday life we are pinpointing an everyday culture. The everyday is what we live in, our day to day activities but also those unique experiences that break up an ordinary life. To some, the everyday is mundane, repeated, stuck in a life where everything seems the same. But to others the everyday is unique; some follow a life that is filled with adventure and excitement. We wanted to explore the idea of networking and connectivity within Bristol, and how as a city/ society we are interlinked& connected to one another. Our society is constantly surrounded and immersed in edited and constructed images, which present us with a false reality. Because we live in such a heavily mediated world we wanted to recreate this theme by producing several highly photo shopped images, and then challenge our pre-conceptions of the every day by disrupting time and space. e.g. how we perceive interactions between the natural world and artificial manmade one, by placing wild deer into a football stadium playing on the grass which would challenge what we perceive as the everyday.   We would then show case these images on a website that would be easy to navigate and access, whilst also including an emphasise of user interaction within the design. 


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