Video Proposal

Posted: December 11, 2013 in CPD

The inspiration for our short film came from Ben Highmore’s article –Questioning Everyday Life. When we look at everyday life we are pinpointing an everyday culture. The everyday is what we live in, our day to day activities but also those unique experiences that break up an ordinary life. To some, the everyday is mundane, repeated, stuck in a life where everything seems the same. But to others the everyday is unique; some follow a life that is filled with adventure and excitement. This is where we found our inspiration for our project, to distinguish the mundane from the excited, not realising how simple the everyday is until you compare it with something that is not considered ‘everyday’. We took the thought of the average western man, we guessed he worked in an office, or maybe a bank, took sandwiches for lunch and at five pm he would head home, eat dinner with his family, watch TV and go to bed. We wanted to disrupt how we as a culture perceive the mundane everyday activity of shopping; especially the convenience and pleasure shopping that  1st world countries take for granted. If he conformed he’d be shopping in Tesco (or Waitrose!), eating dinner with his family – being normal. But in our film he reverts back to his primeval/ archaic instincts and desires – to hunt, to kill, to gather for his family and to eat –  provide for his family as men would do thousands of years ago.


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