Film Log

Posted: December 11, 2013 in CPD


Our idea is going to be a dramatic hunting sequence. The idea of having a day to day average Joe hunting for food which then is portrayed as a ready meal/pack of food. This shows an unreal/unexpected scene that questions everyday life and what we take for granted. The key objective is to question how we perceive reality.



* Knife

* Stick

* Ready meal/Pack of food

* Handheld video recorder

* Specific set of clothes to denote ‘normal’



* We will be recording in the woods next to Bower Ashton campus.

* 19th November 2013

* 9:00am – 5:00pm


Sounds/Camera Shots/Lighting

* Diagnostic/ Diegetic Sounds (Heavy breathing, Footsteps, Wildlife) and non-diegetic sound (music soundtrack)


* Mid Shots

* Close-up Shots

* Tracking

* Establishing shot

* Long shot

* Low Angle/Voyeuristic shot

* Natural Lighting

Sequence List

1. Establishing shot of the main character standing with a spear

2. POV shot of the main character bending down to look for animal tracks and checking for clues

3. Sudden noises of the animal and then a mixture of mid and long shots of the character running towards the noises

4. After running through the forest movement in the bushes/trees is seen. The character is shown in a voyeuristic shot (POV from the animal)

5. After finding the animal we use an over the shoulder shot of the character raising his spear

6. POV of the spear being thrust into the animal several times

7. Sitting down with the food eating e.g a bacon sandwich, whole chicken



* Timeframe when everyone is free

* Lighting – Having no natural light when filming

* Weather

* Making the clips dramatic as possible

* Not having an actual animal to film and making sure it’s clear that an animal should be there



* Nathan Foote – Main Director

* Sam Hopton – Sound/Visual Editor

* Tom Woods – Producer

* Jake Ponting – Actor

We will all be participating in all of the jobs. But the jobs that have been listed will be our main jobs.


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