Dear Mum – Week 1

Posted: September 30, 2013 in CPD

First week and already I am questioning things I’ve never thought about before. How many photos have you taken of me? Must be thousands! As a child I didn’t think about how I was portraying myself to you (perfect little boy obviously), and I didn’t think about who I was or how I would look to others. Or maybe I did! I knew I had to smile (to show I was happy). I would pose as if I was part of a seventeenth century portrait of King Charles I by Anthony Van Dyck and yes, there were times that I was an unwilling participant in your photography sessions (I must show you An Unwilling Sitter for a Police Record,” 1873), Sir Luke Fildes, it’ll make you laugh. Wasn’t it Karl Marx who said that we all wear ‘social masks’? I guess what I’m also questioning at the moment is how I construct myself for this course – I’m nervous but I walk in and try to look normal, can people tell? I’m excited but I try not to look too excited. Can I reconstruct myself? Do I want to? Next time I have my picture taken I might be too busy thinking about self-presentation to smile! By the way, I’ve just sent you a snapchat of me and my parking ticket – I’m not smiling!


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